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Assignment Xpress is a dedicated online assignment help service that has been designed keeping in mind the needs of the students. We provide online education, homework help, assignment solutions, course work help and e- learning services to students the entire world over from schools, colleges and universities.

Our team comprises of professionally trained tutors that hold degrees in various subjects. We assist, guide and mentor the students in the process of developing assignments, home work solutions, term papers and editing. Our team has exceptionally high standards of providing assignments that are par excellence and our services are available to students 24/7.

Assignment Xpress was incorporated by a team of very qualified tutors that have been providing their assistance to students the world over. We select our tutors after a rigorous process of selection prior to taking on assignments.

We understand the need of the students to score good grades and perform exceptionally well. Here at Assignment Xpress we solely dedicate our services to ensure that you are satisfied with the solutions provided by our team. Hard work and diligence is our team’s motto and we strive continuously to ensure that your work is recognized and given it’s appropriate due.


Mission Statement- To help students submit top quality assignments and enhance their learning experience.

Quality – Here at Assignment Xpress, we take our quality checks very seriously, with our constant monitoring and checking of the sample solutions we aspire to provide excellent assistance and solutions to our students so that they achieve their goals and aspirations. We are continuously reviewing all the work submitted to us to ensure no plagiarism and top quality solutions.

Prompt services: We deliver assignments on even a few hours deadline as we have specially assigned tutors to deal with such scenarios, we stress on accepting the assignments, completing them and conducting a thorough review well in time.

For all queries pertaining to assignments we are always available 24/7 to provide you with all the help and assistance that is needed.

Customer Satisfaction: We urge to achieve the highest level of satisfaction for our customers and personalized service each time.

We look forward to assisting you and help you develop your career goal. Let us know if you have any query. You can write to us at – assignmentxpress@gmail.com